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Nigeria Cassava Growers Association was formed in 1982 by visionary leaders to bring prospect into Cassava farming in Nigeria.

Pastor Segun Adewunmi NCGA National President

Pastor Segun Adewunmi
NCGA National President

Cassava can inject 10 trillion Naira yearly into the economy, guarantee employment for millions of farmers, skilled and unskilled labour, guarantee food security and generate electricity for its factories and neighboring communities.

Cassava is that wonderful crop that can be cultivated in all parts of Nigeria. It has high level of resistance to harsh weather; it grows with rain and survives with dews.

Over 20 local food types are derived from Cassava. These include Lafun, Fufu, Tapioka, Starch, Pupuru, Gari and others. Gari is the most popular Cassava local food products. Garri is an instant food that can be eaten dry as it is and can be soaked into water and eaten.

The most common food use of garri is when it is made into eba and eaten with soup in morsels. It could be made inviting and coloured into yellow; it has a compelling aroma that creates appetite even when the eater is full. Gari can be preserved and will remain fresh for over four years.

If Garri had been discovered in the West, it could have been a world class food competing with Rice and Bread.

Cassava has some major Industrial Products among which are Ethanol, Industrial Starch, Cassava Flour, Glucose Syrup, Sweetener etc.

These products are also raw materials to numerous Industrial items with limitless domestic and export market potentials.

This means Cassava can trigger massive Industrial Revolution in Nigeria to the extent that every Nigerian Village will have viable Cassava Industries.

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